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Vernon-Rockville Little League, since 1950


Welcome to the Home of


Little League!

The Vernon-Rockville Little League is for children of Vernon-Rockville CT

ages 4 to 12  for boys and girls to play baseball, 4-17 girls to play softball

with focus on fun, playing the game, and true sportsmanship.

VRLL Mission
"The objective of Vernon-Rockville Little League is to teach the children of Vernon-Rockville the fundamentals of baseball and softball while promoting good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and respect for authority so that they will be well adjusted, strong, and happy children who grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy adults. Developing exceptional athletic skills and winning games is secondary to molding exemplary citizens."


On our website, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions, pictures, videos and much, much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about VRLL.

Opening Day

Good Morning All-

Hope everyone is excited for a GREAT day of baseball (as long as there is no snow falling)!!!!  I just wanted to send out a quick reminder to please be at Henry Park by the new gazebo with your player by10:30am there you will find your coach and team, they will be lining up to take the field at 11am, we have lots of teams and lots of kids this year so PLEASE be there by 10:30am.

One request ...if you are a team parent or would like to be a team parent please find me and let me know so I can get your information and you can help us line up the teams.

We have been working real hard this year to make it and FUN season and can't wait to officially kick it off today.  I know there have been a few bumps in the road but we are building an amazing program for the future baseball player of Vernon-Rockville, all of your patience and help are much appreciated!!

 Remember - It's all about the KIDS!!!

Kimberly Derosier

PS Don't forget tonight is the Parent Dance at Maple Grove...if you still need tickets they are $10 each and you can buy them at the snack shacks, or ask your coach.

posted 04/25/2015
HD Instruction School

Howard Daniel Instructional School will be meeting at Legion West starting May 2 from 9-11:00 am for 6 weeks. Opening day is April 25.  If you like your child can come and march on the field with all the little leaguers.  Hope to see you all there  


Dear Howard Daniel Instructional League Parents,

Welcome to Vernon Rockville Little League Baseball. We have exciting news. Kim Derosier has been appointed Director of the Instructional League. She has a wealth of knowledge about baseball and is currently a coach for one of our Triple AAA teams.  Kim as well as the coaches of the Major Leagues will be working with your children to teach them the basics of baseball. 

Each Saturday, beginning on May 2nd from 9AM to 11AM and running for 6 weeks.  We would like to meet with the kids at Legion Field on the West Field, which is the back left field when you pull into the park. We will separate the kids into groups of 6. Like every level of baseball in the league,Vernon Rockville Little League relies on parent volunteers to assist  with the coaching of the kids. We will need 10 parents (or more) so that each group of children can be provided with instruction and practice. The league will provide parent helpers/coaches with everything you need to teach our youngest players.

What you can expect:
Parents can expect their child to practice running, catching, throwing, hitting off the tee as well as learning some of the basic rules of baseball. 

If you would like to volunteer and help to make this season great for our newest players, please contact Kim at  .

Thank you!

Kim Derosier

Howard Daniels Baseball School Director


by posted 04/24/2015
Opening Day VRLL Inaugural Season

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Opening Day for baseball and softball is just a few days away. The fields are ready and the Little League Board of Directors has spent a great deal of time organizing the day.

Please have your son/daughter arrive at Henry Park this Saturday April 25th at 10:30AM in their respective uniforms, this includes Howard Daniels Baseball School, also known as instructional league or TBall.  If you have not signed your son or daughter up for Baseball School yet it is still ok for you to bring them as they are our future and we want them to enjoy the experience. Your sons/daughters manager/coach will be instructed where to go from there. 

All of our Board Members should be wearing the same color TShirt with the saying "its all about the kids" on the back so if you have any questions please grab one of them for assistance.

At 11:00 teams will begin the walk to Gill where the Masters of Ceremonies Jeremy Albert, Vice-President of Baseball and Rob Silver, Vice President of Softball will welcome all to Vernon Rockville Little League and begin the schedule of events.

Games will be played throughout the day at Henry, Legion and VCMS.  Snack Shacks at all fields will be open and serving pizza, snacks and drinks.

This is an exciting day for all of Vernon Rockville. We hope you will join us. Let's play ball!

Thank you,
Vernon Rockville Little League Board of Directors

by posted 04/22/2015
VRLL Umpires Clinic

Happy Spring to all we are extremely excited given that this will be our first season as a merged league.   We have more games and players which means that we need an even larger pool of umpires for the AA and AAA games. We are looking for former little league players and fans of the game to step forward and help us make this the best season possible for the boys and girls of VRLL.  We may have contacted you already to solicit help from older siblings of current players but we are reaching out again to find out if there are other adults or young adults ages 13 or older that would be interested in helping us fill the much needed holes in our umpiring schedule.  With school sports and activities, we need a larger number of umpires to make sure all games are covered. 


No prior umpiring experience…… NO PROBLEM…. 


If interested, there will be an umpire clinic at Legion Field this Thursday 4/23 at 5:30 – 8:30.  It will be a one night clinic that will go over rules as well as get the boys on the field for proper positioning, situations and overall umpiring techniques.  VRLL will provide pizza and drinks to help hold attention spans for 3 hours.  The clinic will be held by the District 8 trainers and we encourage participation from all even if they have done it in the past.  I am sure that each person will pick up a few things that was missed in previous sessions….. 


Maybe equally as important, our season kicks off this week and nobody had a definite date because of the late winter, condition of the fields and lingering snow.  I have attached the April Little League schedule which includes games on the 21st and the 23rd (same night as the clinic).  Understanding the boys can’t be two places at the same time, I would love to hear from some of our senior umpires to see if they could cover these games as well as other games in April.  Once the process is set up and I have a good database of umps, we can release the rest of the dates and divide up games as needed. 


Thank you again for all of your support with little league and as usual, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or call my cell phone below.  


Scott Viviano – VRLL Umpire in Chief

860-214-3170 (cell)

by posted 04/20/2015
Baseball Update

A message from the VP of Baseball*****

Good morning parents,

First I would like to apologize for the lack of communication from me the last week or so.  I wanted to have all coaches secured for all teams in all divisions before I sent an update which caused a bit of a delay.  I was informed yesterday evening that we have now secured at least one coach for each Single A team (5 total) but still need volunteers as each team should have 2-3 coaches. If your son/daughter is in single A this season and you have time to help please consider volunteering.  As you all know our league is made up of volunteers and I understand completely how busy everyone is but our league will only be as good as the volunteers we have in it.  My point is we need a lot of help, I thought with the leagues merging, securing volunteers would be an easy thing to do, but we have found that the opposite has occured as we have a lack of managers/coaches.  We strongly urge you all to please help in any way paossible. If you can help out in any facet please contact our Single A director Chris Kozak (email: )

If you have not received a call from a coach yet please do not feel that your son/daughter is behind.  We have setup the first couple weeks of our Single A and AA divisions with more practices to get the kids prepared for games.  The Single A coaches will be contacting their teams within the next couple days, but if you do not hear from your coach by the end of this week please let me know.

Howard Daniels Baseball School (also known as instructional league) will start Saturday May 2, 2015 and run for 6 weeks.  The instructional league will be from 9AM to 11AM however we have not decided on a field yet.

I understand that some of you feel that your son/daughter is not in the correct division and as I stated in my email to you all back in March we know our process is not perfect and we may have gotten some kids wrong during evaluations but we will resolve those issues within the first 2 weeks of the season.  I've asked for patience a lot this year and continue to ask for patience as we work to get the season going.  We are in our first year of a merged league and are trying to make it as smooth as possible, however we fully understand that we have some processes that need to be improved. 

I take full responsibility for any "imperfections" we have this year and I promise you these issues are being actively worked on and will be corrected and improved for next year!

Our motto during the whole merger discussions was "it's all about the kids" and that mindset has not changed!! 

Thank you,
Jeremy Albert
VP of baseball VRLL
Phone: 860-918-3450

by posted 04/12/2015
Vernon-Rockville Little League Dance

Vernon-Rockville Little League Dance 




Saturday, April 25, 2015

7:00 PM- 11:00 PM

Maple Grove Club, Rockville


$10 per person  --   Adults only


Enjoy a night out for a great cause!

And bring some friends! 


Musical Entertainment provided by

“Those Guys” 


Dinner, Dancing, Raffles, Snacks 

and Cash Bar  


 For tickets, see your coach.

Tickets will also be sold at the door.


by posted 04/04/2015
Baseball Players

A message from the VP of Baseball


Good morning parents,

I hope you all are getting ready for some baseball and enjoying seeing the snow on your lawns melt away.  I know it just snowed all day yesterday but let's not let that discourage us, right!

I would like to provide you with an update regarding baseball.  We are close to finalizing our AAA, AA, A, and instructional leagues so you should receive a call from your son/daughters coach by Wednesday April 1, 2015.  

While I believe we have the majority of the kids assigned to the correct leagues I do understand our evaluations are not perfect and we may miss on some.  I want to assure you all that if we have made a mistake in placing a child we will correct the placement ASAP.  I ask for patience the first couple weeks while we (managers/coaches and league directors) decipher what changes (if any) need to be made.  Please keep in mind this is our first year as a merged league and we are all adjusting to changes that will ultimately make our league better.  I do realize these changes effect us all differently and emotions are a part of it but I again ask for patience as we try to perfect the process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding baseball please direct to myself or the folks listed below.

Chris Burkhart    # 860-490-3098      Parent Rep
Keith Morehouse # 860-647-1333     Player Agent
Pete Gardiner # 860-558-6692           Player Development

Thank you,

Jeremy Albert
VP of Baseball VRLL
Phone: 860-918-3450

by posted 03/21/2015
Contact VRLL
We welcome any questions, comments or concerns.
Email us using the contact or the Team Contact links on the homepage.
Please be sure to give your email and telephone number so we may contact you.


by Welcome To VRLL posted 02/14/2013
Website Information



All Players and Parents,

I wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know some of the great features this website has for the players and parents.

Notices and Reminders: Our website has a feature that will automatically send you an Email or Text to remind you of upcoming games and practices. In order for this to work please send me an email at  with the email address you want the reminders sent to. If you wish to receive text messages please include in the email your cell phone number and provider (i.e. Att, Verizon

Used Equipment: On the left hand side of the Home Page is a tab called "Exchange Item" If you have used, outgrown or extra baseball equipment, please feel free to post them there.

Forum: On the left hand side there is a tab for "Forums". Now we haven’t had any luck getting this started but if everyone would take a minute to start a post on the forum we will see what kind of interaction we can get going with parents, players, coaches and board members.

Bat Questions: If you are looking to purchase a Bat for your son or daughter please click on the tab on the left hand side called "For all your bat questions" This has an update list of all Little League approved bats.

Apps: Don’t forget to check out the "Little League App" tab as well.

Facebook: Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook. Any pictures posted to our wall or ones that we are tagged on will automatically show up on the Vernon-Rockville Little League Website under “Pictures” on the left hand side



by posted 04/21/2012
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